Seabird Coffee & Co

Seabird Coffee & Co started with a dream - the goal of standing out by creating a unique, human-centered experience built around coffee.

All cafes serve coffee. However, Seabird serves that extra intangible - a personable connection that customers always feel when they walk into the shop. “I’d like to make Seabird Coffee & Co a destination - a place for like minded individuals coming to look for that same experience wherever they’re going," says Seabird’s founder and creator - Brian McLaughlin.

Brian, Seabird Coffee & Co Founder

That goal is easier said than done. Competition in the coffee business is fierce and consumers have many options when it comes to choosing their “local spots.” Brian started Seabird from the point-of-view that in coffee, like anything else, how you do business matters and that creating a genuine connection for every customer is how your shop can stand out from the crowd.

Brian’s approach does not originate from past occupations. Rather, his role as a father to three little girls shapes who he is as a business owner. Gaining lessons from them in patience, putting other people first, and staying open to rudimental creativity, Brian consciously built a company dedicated toward a never-ending dream. Beginning with a team that is knowledgeable, professional and above all, welcoming, truly impacts customers and is creating a loyalty amongst Cohasset locals. 

Christen Poole  - Seabird Coffee & Co

Christen Poole - Seabird Coffee & Co

From its humble beginnings with one store on the South Shore, Seabird has grown and plans on expanding its services in the near future. The store has a devoted following. While most of the marketing Seabird does is word-of-mouth, Brian is looking to share the Seabird story with others. Enter The Pour. The Pour chose Seabird for a Pourtrait because Brian and his team represent the re-awakening of local community through coffee.

Brian is not done yet. As he says, “As long as the product and the experience is the same going forward, we’ll continue as far as we can.” How far can Seabird go? We'll try to keep you dialed in with all their future endeavors.

Coffee & Cotton - Lowell, MA

At first glance, the mills and warehouses of Lowell, MA appear as only monuments to the city’s past as the capital for American textile production. While the cloth and cotton may be gone, a new, vibrant and powerful dynamic is emerging inside one of Lowell’s oldest buildings. Structures that once produced shirts and sheets now incubate new companies manifesting everything from pottery to music platforms. Small businesses are thriving again in Lowell and the women, youth and immigrants behind them are contributing to the city’s re-birth and flourishing culture. 

Addie Provost & Nils Clauson

Addie Provost & Nils Clauson

Take a closer look inside Mill No. 5 and you’ll find Coffee & Cotton, the flag bearer for the changing face of business in Lowell. It’s no secret that growing businesses need a place to share ideas and manifest opportunities. Coffee & Cotton serves that exact purpose. The Pour had a chance to sit down with Addie Provost, the 26 year-old general manager of Coffee & Cotton. Addie reminded us that Coffee and Cotton is the “beating heart and center of Mill No. 5.” It “provides a space for people who want to start businesses that have maybe never started a business before and are looking for a safe space to try it out with very little risk.”


Coffee & Cotton gladly accepts its responsibility as a vital link between the small business ecosystem and the community of Lowell. The cafe leads by example and actively builds diversity in its work force, particularly in the staffing of women. At Coffee & Cotton, women participate directly in the most senior operating positions. As Addie put it, “One of the things I really love about Mill No. 5 is that there are so many women who are leaders here and there aren’t a lot of places where women have the opportunities to be leaders.” Outside the cafe, Coffee & Cotton sponsors community events such as Thread Groove, a collection of vintage clothes and vinyl for sale, Digs, retailers selling tools and gardening themed items for urban growers and its weekly Sunday Markets, which supports local vendors of all types. Coffee & Cotton is a cafe that goes well beyond turning out great coffee. It creates a “home” for the small businesses of Lowell and the local community they are such an integral part of – a place where the city’s economic and cultural complexion is being re-invented. In local venues like Coffee & Cotton we see just how innovative coffee culture can be.