Seabird Coffee & Co

Seabird Coffee & Co started with a dream - the goal of standing out by creating a unique, human-centered experience built around coffee.

All cafes serve coffee. However, Seabird serves that extra intangible - a personable connection that customers always feel when they walk into the shop. “I’d like to make Seabird Coffee & Co a destination - a place for like minded individuals coming to look for that same experience wherever they’re going," says Seabird’s founder and creator - Brian McLaughlin.

Brian, Seabird Coffee & Co Founder

That goal is easier said than done. Competition in the coffee business is fierce and consumers have many options when it comes to choosing their “local spots.” Brian started Seabird from the point-of-view that in coffee, like anything else, how you do business matters and that creating a genuine connection for every customer is how your shop can stand out from the crowd.

Brian’s approach does not originate from past occupations. Rather, his role as a father to three little girls shapes who he is as a business owner. Gaining lessons from them in patience, putting other people first, and staying open to rudimental creativity, Brian consciously built a company dedicated toward a never-ending dream. Beginning with a team that is knowledgeable, professional and above all, welcoming, truly impacts customers and is creating a loyalty amongst Cohasset locals. 

Christen Poole  - Seabird Coffee & Co

Christen Poole - Seabird Coffee & Co

From its humble beginnings with one store on the South Shore, Seabird has grown and plans on expanding its services in the near future. The store has a devoted following. While most of the marketing Seabird does is word-of-mouth, Brian is looking to share the Seabird story with others. Enter The Pour. The Pour chose Seabird for a Pourtrait because Brian and his team represent the re-awakening of local community through coffee.

Brian is not done yet. As he says, “As long as the product and the experience is the same going forward, we’ll continue as far as we can.” How far can Seabird go? We'll try to keep you dialed in with all their future endeavors.

SK Coffee - Allston, MA

A relationship with coffee can be deeply personal. This is exactly how it is for Sam Kjellberg, a choral conductor who has discovered the beauty of roasting his own coffee. As a conductor, Sam’s job is to manage the experience of the music for the audience. Sam calls it "having agency" pulling together every aspect of the music and the performance such that the audience hears and feels exactly what Sam wants them to. 

Sam Kjellberg   and Nils Clauson 

Sam Kjellberg and Nils Clauson 

Sam took that same desire to create the perfect experience into his relationship with coffee. For Sam, coffee was perhaps getting a little too elitist and in the process was becoming less accessible to those unwilling to acquire the knowledge and the language to "speak coffee." The audience was growing more distant from the authenticity of the coffee. 

Sam turned this challenge on its head. By getting to know the beans better, by learning what it takes to roast coffee in a way that brings out its full and diverse flavors, by choosing, roasting, cupping and tasting his coffee over and over again until he got it "right," Sam created "agency" with coffee.

Musician - Billy Dean Thomas 

Musician - Billy Dean Thomas 

While investing deeply into exploring the coffee experience for himself, something still missing. That something was the audience. How could Sam share his coffee experience and make it accessible to others without putting them off or making them feel ignorant? 

That's where The Pour came in. By understanding Sam's coffee experience better, by seeing the parallel path between his love of music and his love of coffee, The Pour created an event where Sam’s love of music and his intimate experience with coffee could be shared with others. Bringing together a diverse group of people who liked coffee and music, The Pour created a stage where Sam could share his experience of coffee in a way that was more accessible his audience. The result is right here in this video. Enjoy the music of coffee as conducted by one very passionate leader.