The Pour lies at the crossroads of coffee and community. A media platform that tells the stories of human connection through the lens of coffee culture. We believe that human relationships, face-to-face communication, and awareness of those around us are alive and important. By sharing these stories, can we evoke positive commentary back into media? How can we turn conversations into action? Is it all possible through the framework of a coffee shop?

This is our response.

Welcome to The Pour

Meet the team

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San Francisco born, Atlanta raised, exploring the world at large: Nils’ excitement has always steered him. Recently removed from a global section of his life, he’s committing to invest in places that are unfamiliar and spark new appeal. Hoping to sponsor impactful tales and learn more about himself and others through The Pour, Nils is excited to pay homage to the beautiful people he encounters and the glorious experiences he embraces along the trail.  - Listen to Nils’ interview here.

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Bringing diverse skills to the table, Colin works with the team at The Pour as a producer, image-maker, and designer. At home behind the camera, he revels in finding and telling stories through the medium of still and moving images. While studying at Boston University, he honed his skills in vérité and non-fiction filmmaking.

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A firm believer in the evocative power of digital media, Curran is drawn to the medium's ability to foster visceral experiences for the viewer. Working alongside The Pour, he hopes to contribute to a stream of empathetic messaging and “cultivate a more active and compassionate interest in the people and places around us.” When the camera batteries are busy charging, Curran enjoys getting his hands dirty in the backcountry, soaking in a remote sunrise, or pitching his tent under the stars.

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Rosie has a deep love for art and color that drives her creative curiosity. Rosie works with various mediums such as photography, graphic design, and illustration that bring her ideas alive. Rosie believes in the power of art as a form of connection. She thrives in creative environments that bring passionate projects to life.