Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters

- Cape Cod, MA

"Cape Cod - It dies during the offseason.”


This phrase uttered by just about everyone who doesn’t live there. Seen as a summer getaway for Bostonians, there is much about Cape Cod that is misperceived. While its population swells in the summer and drops when it snows, there is a booming local presence that remains deeply rooted to the Cape. Home to an active community that makes coastal living bright and full year round, the offseason offers a chance for locals to recapture their own unique lifestyle. Sitting at the center of this cultural hub is the integral cafe - Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters. 

In a short two and a half years of existence, Snowy Owl has become a “gathering space for the community where people can connect to the art of roasting and preparing coffee while in the company of their kids, friends, family, and happily caffeinated strangers.” Owners Shayna Ferullo and Manuel Ainzuain aren’t interested in changing the Cape’s well established locals scene. Instead, they want to add to it by facilitating the human connections that keep the Cape alive year round. Whether it’s providing an opportunity for local artists to throw up their work, neighborhood bands to play jams, or social groups to host discussions about virtually any issue, Snowy Owl has established its Cape Cod roots and in the process, become a focal point for the people who surround it. As Shayna says, “Most people see the Cape as a seasonal place but if you just see it as that you are missing so much of what makes the Cape dynamic - that is the fabric of the community and the people that choose to live here.”


Snowy Owl feels somehow bigger than a local haunt. There’s a global presence felt the minute you walk into the shop. With Manuel’s Peruvian heritage and roasting direct-trade Peruvian beans, the cafe brings a new flavor to the Cape’s coffee scene - “As a Peruvian, I like to keep representing our products. Why don’t we do it on the Cape?”

Most people never see the personal stories behind the coffee that fuels the Cape’s unique culture. The Pour was lucky enough to capture this gorgeous couple who are committed to Cape community and through their open and gracious ethos, make it easy for anyone to feel at home in Snowy Owl. Take a look our Pourtrait video above to see their full story behind the cup or head to Snowy Owl on April 19th where they will be showcasing our work throughout the shop!

Snowy Owl's Location - 2624 Main St, Brewster, MA 02631